Same Explorer 60 Special II


Same Explorer 60 Special II

Same Explorer 60 Special II Tractor

Farm tractor with dual traction at 40 km/h, the first in the world to offer total braking, with oil bath discs on all 4 wheels.

Gearchange with "SYNCRO POWER".

Wendegetriebe mit "SYNCRO POWER".


40 forward and 40 reverse speeds.

40 vorwärts und 40 Rückwärtsgänge (dank Wendeschaltung).


Electrohydraulics controls.

Elektrohydraulische Betätigung.


Zinc plated bodywork.

Verzinkte Seitenteile.



• 1983 - Year of Design. Introduced Explorer series tractors. The world’s 1st tractor series to incorporate SAME engines fitted with individual cylinder cam-shaft driven injection pumps. Launch of the new families LASER and EXPLORER models with 1000 series engines. Three-shaft transmissions and the first styling details.




• 1986 - Production Launch of the Special II familie.

Technical Dates-Technische Daten

ModellExplorer 60 
Years produced1986-1990
Engine TypSAME 1000.3A

Engine Power


60HP/44kW at ~2500 Rpm

205Nm at 1155 Rpm

Engine Diameters


3 Cylindres

3000ccm Cylinder Capacity

Weight2500 kg
30km/h or 40km/h




 more than 100

(exact is coming soon)



+100 dB

at +4000 Rpm(full throttle and downhill)



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